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Children are a community’s most valuable resources. It is unfair that by sheer accident of birth you have the opportunity to succeed or the misfortune to fail. We all have a responsibility to kids who have the leased resources to help them.

BEACON Foundations International would be so glad to receive donations from people who do believe in and would like to support our cause, that is to help the less fortunate children have access to a complete education.

BEACON Children's Foundation


BEACON stands for Benefits and Educational Assistance for Children of the North Philippines Foundation Incorporated. We are a Non Profit Organization, operating in the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Haiti, USA, Canada, Australia and England and we firmly believe that every child deserves proper and complete education.

Education is a fundamental human right and every child is entitled to it. It is critical to our development as a Nation, as individuals and as an asset of our society. Education helps pave the way to a successful life and a productive future. BEACON Foundation will ensure that all underprivileged children, regardless of race or gender have access to a rights-based, quality education that is rooted in class and gender equality and create a long-term effect of opportunity that impacts generations to come. We are an advocate of children's rights to education for we believe that they are our future.


Out of every 100 Filipino children of the right age, roughly 10 never enter a classroom at all. And out of every 100 children who do, 14 drop out before they reach Grade 2. According the 2009 "Pulse Asia" report, 26 percent of all Filipinos have no formal education, or no more than elementary education.

For every 100 pupils that enter grade 1, only 86 will go to Grade 2. By Grade 4 only 76 of the original 100 will still be in school. By Grade 6, only 76 would still be enrolled and only 65 will graduate from elementary school.

Out of the 65 who finished Grade school, only 58 will move on to high school and out of the 58 who enter high school, only 42 will graduate.

Almost unavoidable, these children will grow up to join the ranks of the hard-core poor.

According to the EFA Global Monitoring report of 2011 (a division of UNESCO) there may be over 1 million out of school drop out by the end of 2015.

Why children drop out of school early? I some of the poorest regions, parents still pull their children out of school at the plating and harvest season.

Since the correlation between the lack of schooling and the degree of poverty is so strong, our objective is to ensure that no child is left out of school. The cycle of generational poverty we want to break by ensuring children of the very poor stay in school.

To sum it all up: Education is the greatest equalizer against poverty. read more..

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    Run for a Child's Future

    The Beacon Foundation have spaces available for this years Run for a Childs Future taking place on March.

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    Summer Bazaar for a Cause

    This Summer-bazaar-for-a-cause is an opportunity to earn profit, promote awareness of your brand to a large market, and at the same time contribute to the betterment of childrens future. The proceeds of this bazaar will benefit the children beneficiaries of Beacon foundation Inc.

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